Impact matters more than intent

All of our activities have an impact on society and the environment. By understanding this impact, we can better define how to orient these activities so that they have an even better impact on our environment and our living environment. By accurately measuring this impact throughout our projects, we strive to contribute to change by making it more tangible.

Replace wood and charcoal cooking fuels for a better living environment

How we contribute: With 6 tons of waste per week:
• we produce 200m3 of biogas, as a much cleaner cooking fuel than wood and charcoal
• we reduce air pollution and emission of fine particules in houses and village squares

Make good use of water supplies

How we contribute: While using 6000 liters of water per week for the transformation of waste into biogaz and fertilizer:
• we create an aquafarming site to supply local population
• we produce 1’000 liters of drinking water per day for our employees and a primary school nearby

Provide decent work conditions

How we contribute:
• We implement proper salary policy for our employees
• We introduce safety measures and health controls for our workers.

Emancipate local communities through increased ownership

How we contribute: Our project establishes clear ownership by federating all stakeholders:
• we train communities to become autonomous through incentives
• we develop a sustainable model that will become economically autonomous after 1 year of operations.

Reduce the quantity of waste by transforming it into a valuable resource

How we contribute: Our project creates local employment to transform waste into a valuable commodity:
• we buy waste from the population
• we recycle it into biogas and fertilizer
• we therefore give market value back to waste

Prevent deforestation and soil degradation

How we contribute: With our project we produce 10’000m3 of biogas each year that saves 164 tons of wood used as cooking fuel by families. We produce over 400 tons of organic fertilizer annually as a substitute to chemical products, thus contributing to the restoration of degraded land and soil.

Provide steady income to households and workers

How we contribute: With 6 tons of waste per week:
• we generate steady income for 100 households (on average 6 persons)
• we pay decent salaries to 10 employees
• we help local entrepreneurs to create 2 small businesses (with approx. 10 jobs)

Promote women leadership for change

How we contribute: We advocate women leadership through our entrepreneurial model :
• We collaborate with the first and only elected female mayor of Benin
• We engage mothers in our remuneration system for waste valorization

Use and produce a clean energy sources

How we contribute: We sell biogas in replacement of other cooking fuels at a competitive price – We use solar energy (11 kWh/day) to run all our operations

Introduce a waste recycling and recovery stream

How we contribute: With our concept:
• we create multiple and inclusive local streams around waste management
• we modernize the waste collection infrastructures in the commune
• we contribute to the decontamination of the main market in the region

Engage local communities in adopting a new paradigm regarding waste

How we contribute: Each year, our project will redirect to our recycling plant over 300 tons of waste that currently end up in the nature, the middle of the market or wild dumps.

Reduce CO2 emissions with the introduction of biogas for domestic use

How we contribute: We introduce a new concept and business model of mobile biogaz solution for domestic use. We enroll 60 households to use this alternative as a substitute to wood and charcoal. As a result we contribute to a reduction of 330 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Build strong partnerships with a long-term vision

How we contribute: We build effective private-public partnerships (PPP) and work together to bring the most impactful solutions for local communities, we collaborate with :
• local authorities
• international and national NGOs
• local entrepreneurs
• universities
• foundations
• experts