The creation of other recycling and waste recovery centers

The ReBin Foundation is an entrepreneurial organization that develops its own projects through philanthropy and public/private grants. The ReBin Foundation is a collecting and shareholder foundation and not a donor foundation. It is not intended to financially support third party projects.

We are studying the feasibility of a second recovery center in a major municipality in Benin by 2021-2022. Mindful of the global and global problem of waste, it is possible to recruit members of the Foundation as experts in the management and / or implementation of projects aimed at a more sustainable management of waste.

Our skills and experience in the field can serve you in the development of a project, a grant application, to the complete realization of a valuation center. You can contact us for further information.

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Fondation ReBin

Contribuer à l’amélioration du cadre de vie des populations par une gestion des déchets plus durables dans une économie plus circulaire et plus solidaire.