The foundation

The ReBin Foundation for Sustainable Development’s mission is to promote, develop, support and accompany all ecological, socially responsible and economically viable projects. These three criteria are essential and inseparable from its action and can be described more simply by the fact of taking care of nature, taking care of people and sharing produced resources wisely.

The ReBin Foundation for Sustainable Development is registered in the Commercial Register of the State of Geneva, Switzerland. It is subject to supervision by the federal supervisory authority for foundations. For this purpose, it enjoys total exemption from tax in Switzerland, as well as full legal exemption from donation registration rights. The Foundation acts as a partner for the sustainable development and the implementation of all projects of a social and / or ecological nature, these must in no case be against the common and ecological good.

In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the projects supported, the Foundation will actively follow them in order to guarantee their successful completion. Within the framework of the goals set, the Foundation will be active in Switzerland and abroad, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa and in Benin. She acts as a prescriber, mainly on projects aimed at the preservation and optimization of natural resources.

Ultimately, the data, studies and results obtained on the various projects will be shared freely, on the open-source model.