Solar Energy

The sun is the only battery guaranteed 5 billion years

The climatic consequences of our energy supply are undeniable and we are at a turning point in the energy strategies adopted by our policies and industry in general. Indeed, both a linear economy based on renewable energy and a circular economy fueled by fossil resources cannot be a priori sustainable. What we need is a circular economy based on renewables.

Our operational centers rely exclusively on solar energy produced by the panels placed on our roofs. These solar panels have a lifespan that varies between 10 and 25 years on average. Today, the industrial recycling sector is innovating and organizing itself to give photovoltaic panels a second life.

It is a technology that requires maintenance and investment, which may be significant at the start, but pay off later. It is clean and efficient energy that fights against global warming. A plus for the environment !




solar energy consumed


1 LED bulb (20W)

equivalent in hours of light produced