How does ReBin benefits the global environment?

Everything we do is designed to provide some environmental benefits. By serving as a major processor of organic wastes, we eliminate the need for these wastes to be diverted to less environmentally friendly landfills or incinerators. Our process eliminates the greenhouse gases and other emissions that would be produced if the wastes were landfilled or incinerated. Because we produce an organic fertilizer we help to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers that gradually reduce the health of agricultural soils and pollute our water supplies. As well we produce biogas that can be used for energy generation or cooking thus protecting the use of wood as a cooking fuel and limiting the deforestation of green forests.

Are there benefits to having a ReBin facility in your community?

Yes. At the heart of our business is a mission to help address global environmental challenges using localized solutions that meet the needs of host communities. We do this in part by building facilities that generate revenue for local entrepreneurs and provide 5 to 10 full-time jobs.

Does the ReBin facility ever shut down?

Our facility is designed to operate around the clock, 365 days a year. Organic wastes are always available and the microbes that do all the work never sleep! The facility is staffed at all times by trained personnel who ensure that operations continue without interruption or disruption.