The circular economy: whats is it…

Posted the 15 Jan 2021 by in General informations


The circular economy in few words

From the start, we design products and services designed to promote reuse, reconditioning or recycling (eco-design) …

We extend the life of the goods

We become “consum’actors” by refusing to buy what is not recyclable or reusable

We reduce our consumption by avoiding waste and unnecessary

We repair before replacing

We reuse a product, even finding a new use for it

We sort our waste responsibly to facilitate recycling

Our organic waste represents almost half of all of our waste on this Planet

Why throw them away or incinerate them when we can transform them into biogas or compost ???

The circular economy is indeed changing our conception of living and doing. We are all responsible for change!!!

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Mark Giannelli

Sustainable development is the way forward, offering an incredible source of opportunities for future generations.