Sarah Giannelli

Ordinary member

I was born in Geneva where I grew up in an international environment. I studied in Paris, where I obtained my “Clés d´Or” diploma from the “Institut de Conciergerie Internationale”. Above all, I learned that improving the quality of customer service requires a relationship that emphasizes integrity, professionalism, cooperation and information sharing. After a successful career in the hotel industry, I moved to London where my two sons were born, before returning to Geneva. This was the opportunity to assess my aspirations and pursue a professional career while taking care of my family.

My personal journey, enriched by more than 20 years travel, itinerant and multicultural encounters, has strengthened my awareness and sense of urgency in the face of the environmental and human crises we face. Being part of the ReBin Foundation, which promotes adherence to common values, has strengthened my belief in the philosophy and credos of sustainable development. My public relations skills and a quality network allow me today to contribute actively within the organization.

My children are at the center of my concerns. Their future is already influenced by our consumption models. It is a new generation that asks only to participate, share and grow together. I draw this strength from them and my beliefs are strengthened. “Going to work for the little things means getting to the big things over time.” (Samuel Beckett)