Fanny Hostettler

General Secretary (Board Member)

Circular economy: it’s all in the title! A notion which designates a set of practices tending to optimize the use of materials and energies. The emphasis is on new ways of design, production and consumption, extending the useful life of products, reuse and recycling of components. All this with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the use of resources and reducing the impact on the environment, while optimizing the well-being of individuals.

The circular economy is precisely the model that the ReBin Foundation seeks to implement by tackling on a small scale the immense challenge of waste management and recovery. Through the establishment of centers capable of sustainable self-management in the near future, a whole loop of activities is emerging: recycling of waste, positive impact on pollution, production of reusable components, job creation, income generation for the local population, training, innovations, etc.

Being part of the ReBin Foundation means collaborating in an innovative and dynamic project capable of making a concrete difference in the field, while respecting the ethical and social values ​​shared by all its members. “The little we can do, the very little we can do, we have to do it” (Théodore Monod, French naturalist scientist, explorer and humanist).