Didier Allaz

Ordinary member

“If you don’t try to improve yourself, you will soon stop being good”.

This is my philosophy; push your limits, discover other perspectives, listen to others and the world. Transmit, share, learn. Become a better person. And what is valid for me is also valid for the planet. The link was quickly made between my values ​​and the ReBin Foundation. It seemed obvious to me to use my experience in the Foundation’s projects. What spoke to me in this project was the ability to listen to the real local concerns, to understand all the ins and outs, not only to meet the local actors, the people who suffer from the ‘waste ‘on a daily basis, but also to understand their realities while visualizing solutions from a more Western viewpoint. While infusing a certain dose of entrepreneurship.

25 years ago, I discovered Africa whilst working in Cameroon. A quarter of a century later, returning to Benin for ReBin, what is my observation? Omnipresence of mobile telephony and better access to individual mobility. But on the other hand, ever increasing pollution and waste have invaded space; plastic everywhere, unauthorized landfills everywhere and children who live in this environment. It is not acceptable!