ReBin transforms waste into energy and fertilizers

ReBin transforms waste into energy and fertilizers

It is a pragmatic solution that this Swiss foundation brings to the sustainable management of waste in Benin.

Since 2017, the foundation has been recycling organic waste collected from households to transform it into energy and fertilizers for the benefit of the same populations.

“We intend to clean up the cities and countryside of Benin, while providing new services that simplify the lives of people,” explains Sewaï Mardochee, director of operations of the waste recovery center of ReBin foundation to agridigitale.

ReBin is a compound English word “Reuse your Bin”. The municipality of Toffo was chosen by the foundation to host the experimental phase of the project.

Reuse your waste

Yet, more than 500 households have been sensitized to bring the waste directly to the foundation’s site in Toffo. In return, they receive one of the products of the center namely biogas, compost, drinking water, effluent or fish.

“Those who want, instead exchange their waste for money,” says Mordechee. Thereby, for 10kg of waste brought, the person receives 250 CFA; the quantity of products given in exchange by the foundation is based on this principle and the populations seem to be delighted.

The use of biogas

Adeline Awadedji doesn’t bring waste to the center; but she regularly goes there to get biogas. Compared to charcoal or firewood, this method of cooking really simplifies her life, she claims.

She uses it for cooking food in her household, but also for her small business. “When I take my bag of biogas of 400 CFA, I can use it for about 5 hours”, says the seller of yovo dokô (dougthnuts made from wheat flour).

“The 5 hours are obviously spread over several days, it all depends on what I prepare”, she adds.

Settling down in Toffo in November 2017, ReBin foundation very soon sought Songhaï’s expertise for the installation of bio-digesters, the waste grinder, the fish ponds and also for the training of the staff.

Songhaï, a significant partner

Since then, the two partners have been working in symbiosis for the success of the project, which should extend to Benin’s 77 municipalities.

Like Songhaï, ReBin foundation is also part of the logic of integration of its activities, in order to complete the cycles of transformation of raw materials. This beautiful experience could be exported beyond Benin borders and benefit all Africa.

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