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ReBin visits Recycling Plant: another reality

ReBin visits Recycling Plant

In March 2015, we decided to visit “Wongpanit Waste Recycling Plant” in Phitsanulok, Thailand. “Wongpanit” was created by a visionary man, Dr. Somthai, who started this business three decades ago, at a time when only a few people took environmental issues seriously. He has been demonstrating since then that the linear consumption model of extract-consume-dispose is outdated and that more circular models of consumption are needed. By turning waste into a valuable resource, he provides today the economic and social rationale for the creation of a zero-waste economy. Waste management is a growing global challenge for society.

A problem that only becomes more daunting as the population grows and becomes more affluent. Plastics, metals and toxics accumulate in nature and contaminate water, soil and air. By turning waste into a resource, the problem transforms into an opportunity for the environment, economy and society. “There is no waste on this planet, only misplaced resources”, Dr. Somthai says. He has been an incredible source of inspiration to us and making us realize we could develop a truly sustainable project in other developing countries. We would like to address him our heartfelt thanks for making us realize that waste is not a nuisance and that its lifecycle does not end in a landfill.

By Mark Giannelli, September 2015

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